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It is one of the most frequently asked questions by parents, how much will it cost me?

At eduk2 we conceive MAI (Monthly Annual Investment) which is the monthly value of all the concepts in which a family must invest in the span of a cycle of school life.



Of course your school is different from all the others, but how?

Both parents and prospective students will recognize you for the set of specific philosophies, techniques or procedures that are commonly used in teaching-learning practice and that determine the essence of your school.

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Whether your school is bilingual, bicultural or international, there are families and students who are looking for you.

Allow them to understand the communication skills that are developed in your school and open the way to understanding other ways of life, countries and cultures.

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What families are looking for in a school is for it to be an adequate space for learning, here is where they can learn about the size of your facilities, classrooms, laboratories, gardens, etc.

Thus obtaining a broader notion of the life environment in your Institution.

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Today's families recognize the opportunity to express and increase skills and competencies as something essential in the harmonious development of the student.

It is through the activities or academies of your school that an opening is offered to the cultural, sports or artistic needs of the community, opening the school to the world and to the future.

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Families and students look for school management, paperwork and communication tools that facilitate the customer or user experience in a pleasant, ergonomic, fast and practical way.

This is where you can publicize issues related to the services provided by your school.

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One way to captivate prospective families and students is by demonstrating how the set of school services, facilities and activities have marked the life of your current community, so eduk2 develops a diagnostic evaluation of each educational institution, presenting the results in our platform.